Book Haul #1

I’m not usually a huge book buyer. Don’t get me wrong, if there is a book I’m dying to read or a book I absolutely love and want to own, I will buy it. Generally, I prefer taking books out of the library because it allows me to read more without having to worry about my bank account. I especially take advantage of my library’s eBook collection on Over Drive because I don’t have to worry about the late fees. Books are expensive! Plus, I’ve ran out of room on my bookshelf. That being said, there is this used book store that has become my weakness. Why? They have incredible prices and an extensive dollar book section that they add to weekly. I payed a little under $15 for my total haul which is insane! Below is what I picked up:

YA Books:

  • The Kill Order by James Dashner
  • Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead (Book 5 in Vampire Academy Series)

My friend gave me a copy of The Fever Code by Dashner for Christmas knowing I had read the Maze Runner series. I had not planned on reading the prequels because I had mixed feelings about the original trilogy and did not love it enough to continue on. Her gift gave me a small incentive to change that. Originally I was going to get a copy of the first prequel from the library, but upon seeing it for a dollar I was like why not?

Spirit Bound I have already read and picked up in an effort to own the Vampire Academy Series. It is one of my guilty pleasures. I still have not read the final book of the series, but plan to sometime in future. Since it’s been so long I need to reread the entire series and a copy of this book will make things easier. Plus it was a dollar, so I say again yolo.

 “Adult” Fiction Books:

  • Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
  • The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
  • Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith (and Jane Austen)
  • My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult

One of my goals for 2017 was to read more than just YA fiction. I love YA so so so much. It’s almost all that I read which is sad because there’s so many different kinds of books out there in the world. Aside from The Night Circus, all of the other titles I found in the dollar book section. They were all titles or authors I had recognized and decided to give a go. I think the one I’m most excited to read, out of the dollar books, is My Sister’s Keeper. I have not read anything by Jodi Picoult, but I hear she’s a great writer. The reason this book intrigues me so much is because on the back it talks about how one of the main characters, Anna, is someone who is defined in terms of her sister. This struck a chord in me as I too am someone who is often times defined in terms of my sister. While my sister is deaf and does not have cancer, I have not read many books with this perspective included and am interested to see how it is tackled.

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern is a book I’ve heard a lot of good things about and is high on my TBR list. I saw that this used book store had a copy, and even though it cost more than a dollar, decided it was worth getting. All I really know about this book is there is a circus, love between rival magicians, and a tournament. It sounds like the kind of book where the less you know the better so I have not researched more about it. I absolutely cannot wait to read it though.

Biography Books:

  • Fresh Off The Boat by Eddie Huang
  • Hard Choices by Hillary Rodham Clinton

Non-Fiction is the genre I’ve probably neglected the most. As I said before, I want to read more of everything and for a dollar I could not resist getting these books. Fresh Off the Boat is the memoir that inspired the TV show of the same name. The show is hilarious and I’ve heard the book is equally as funny, if not more, so I’m looking forward to reading Eddie’s story.

The more I learn about Hillary Rodham Clinton the more I am amazed at what she has accomplished in her life. I know some of you may not like her, which is totally fine! Personally, she is someone who inspires me and when I saw a beat-up copy of her book for a dollar it was a no brainer. I have never read any of her books before but am looking forward to learning more about her.

Those are all of the books I picked up from my haul. Would love to know what books you guys have recently acquired. I might switch up for the format of these posts in the future, just fyi. Also, I really need a new book shelf or to stop buying books because as I mentioned before I HAVE NO WHERE TO PUT THEM! Do you have this problem too? My book shelf might just be too small. If you store your books in any unique ways, would love to know that as well.


8 thoughts on “Book Haul #1

  1. Awesome picks! I’m excited to hear your thoughts on all of them, as I haven’t read any but am interested! I also have a problem storing all my books. I have three bookshelves (all of which are a terrible mess) and books scattered all over my room. I just put them pretty much everywhere.

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    • Will definitely keep you posted on my thoughts when I get to these! I have a feeling that books will just be scattered all across my room as time goes by. I have some drawers I’ve been meaning to clear out, so they will probably go there lol

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  2. My danger store is Goodwill, the ones nearest to me are like mini libraries, mostly untouched books and I’ve been able to find so much. It actually suprises me every time I go what I’m able to find. There is also an outlet half price books about an hour and a half from me that I’ve been meaning to check out.

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    • Oh wow, definitely good to know on Goodwill. There are a few in my area that I’ll have to check out. I’m also keeping my eye out for library sales because I’ve heard you can find excellent books for cheap there as well.


      • Yes! I stumbled on one and I think I walked out with……10 books. The librarians walked over and kept offering to hold books for me. Prices were the same as goodwill. If your lucky you’ll go to Goodwill on the day the books you want are half off due to the color tag sales. 🙂

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  3. I heard The Night circus is great, a lot of my blogger friends loved it. It’s in my TBR but I am not buying any books until I read everything I’ve bought first (which is a damn lot of books!)


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