Book Blog Newbie Tag

Since I’m new to the book blogging community, I thought I would do this tag so that you all could get to know me better. I got this from Bella’s(@bellablogsbecausebooks) page and unfortunately have no idea who originally came up with it.

1. Why did I start this blog?

Well, there are a few reasons actually. I have been reading a lot more lately and have gotten into BookTube. I was considering making a channel, but was not sure how much content I would actually produce. Blogging seemed like a good way to talk about books but not feel super pressured in regards to producing content. Originally, I was going to just add book discussions to my movie/tv/music blog. However, this topic felt like it needed it’s own space and I didn’t want my other blog to be all over the place.

2. What are some fun and unique things I can bring to book blogging?

I will bring interesting discussions mixed with a sense of humor to the table. Also, with a passion/love for movies and television expect a unique take on the whole “Book vs Movie” argument.

3. What am I most excited for about this blog?

Talking about books, duh! I’m also really excited to meet new people.

4. Why do I love reading?

I love the escape from realty that it provides. As well as seeing new perspectives and experiencing new worlds. It also helps me become a better writer.

5. What book or series got me into reading?

I feel like I’ve always enjoyed reading ever since I was younger. For that reason I have to go with the Nancy Drew series as it was the first series I ever got into. I have fond memories of reading a chapter each night with my dad.

6. What questions would I ask my favorite authors?

  1. What made you want to write this book or create this world?
  2. Advice for aspiring writers, like myself.
  3. Do you ever read your work’s fan fiction? What do you think of it?
  4. Who is your favorite character that you’ve written? Which character, that you have created, do you relate to the most?
  5. In you writing process what comes first, character, plot line or world?

7. What challenges do I think starting a blog will be the hardest to overcome?

Definitely creating interesting content and remembering to post. I feel that I’ve done a pretty solid job so far at updating this thing. However, I’m not sure how long that will last.

8. When did I start reading?

I was 5. I learned how after memorizing books and putting two and two together.

9. Where do I read?

EVERYWHERE! I especially read on the train to and from work, as well as my room. Still on the hunt for a good spot in my house to read.

10. What kinds of books do I like to read?

All of the YA books. I also really like heist/spy stories, mystery, rom-com, and anything contemporary. Lately, I’ve been getting into fantasy and hope to expand the genres I generally read.


I hope you enjoyed reading my answers to these questions and learning a little bit more about me. Would love to hear your answers! Also, let me know if there are any other tags you would like me to take on or topics you would like me to touch on.

Th Newbie Book Tag has been officially completed.

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