Review Run Down

Hello everyone! Last week/weekend was a pretty busy one for me so I apologize for the lack of blog posts. I thought I would remedy that with at least two posts (maybe more) this week. Currently I’m in the process of writing my review for Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Mass. I thought I would preface that with a run down of how I am going to handle reviews here on Book to the Becky.

Run of the Mill Basic Reviews

These kind of reviews will be pretty basic, hence the title. I’ll give you the synopsis, a rating, and my non-spoiler thoughts/opinions. I don’t see myself doing as many of these because as you will learn I have lots of thoughts on lots of things. However, these will happen when I’m being lazy or don’t have as much to say.

In Depth Reviews/Discussions

One of the reasons I created this blog was to talk about the books that I read and discuss them. I don’t want to just give you my overall opinion of the books that I read and my rating, I want to go into detail on why I liked or didn’t like certain aspects of books. These longer reviews and discussions will allow me to do that.

Each of these reviews will feature a non-spoiler and spoiler section. This way if you have not read the book you can still hear some of my thoughts and opinions on it. The spoiler section is where I will go more into detail and will be clearly marked so you know when to stop reading. Below are a few aspects that each section will feature.

Non Spoiler Section:

  • A paraphrased synopsis
  • Non-spoiler overview and thoughts/opinions

Spoiler Section

  • More in depth review of book
  • Favorite moments
  • Discussion points (themes, characters, plot devices, etc.)
  • Predictions for the sequel (if the book is apart of a series or duology)

These aspects are subject to change. I may put a full synopsis in these reviews if requested. Honestly, I know that these posts will be longer than regular reviews and don’t want to take up space with the full synopsis. Most of the time when you read a review, you have likely read the book.

Anyway I’m super excited for my first review! Hopefully this was not too boring, just thought I’d clarify some things because I know I want to do reviews a little differently. My Empire of Storms review will hopefully be up later today or tomorrow.


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