Top Ten Tuesday: Romantic Guilty Pleasures

Thought I would take my first crack at this meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. I had a hard time just coming up with strictly book related answers for this Top Ten Tuesday. Since it’s my blog and I can do what I want, my list will be half books and half movies/tv shows.

This week the theme was romance. You know cause today is Valentine’s Day and all. Romance stories are like crack to me. There’s something about a good love story that hits me in the feels every time. Instead of just listing my favorite romances, I thought I would put somewhat of a twist on it. I have so many guilty pleasure reads and watches in this genre that I thought I would list my favorite. These books are the ones that I’m sometimes wary of admitting that I love and not necessarily the best reads or watches in the world. That being said they’re such fun and I have a special place in my heart for them. There are other romances that I love (The Lunar Chronicles and The Infernal Devices) that are more than just guilty pleasures which is why they are not on this list. Without further ado, here are my all time favorite romantic guilty pleasures. These are in no particular order.

1. My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick


You get some boy next door, along with a touch of secret romance. I’m all about the secret romance, so when I get even the smallest taste of it in a book I devour it. I read this book in like a day, it was so good. Not only do you get an adorable romance but it’s refreshing to see the dichotomy between the two different households.




2. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002, Directed by Joel Zwick)

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen this movie. It’s hilarious and the cute romance between Toula and Ian hits me in the feels. It follows this awkward Greek woman who falls in love with a non-Greek man, and their struggles with getting her family to accept their love. Clearly, I have a thing for unlikely people falling in love. As I’ve gotten older this movie has become too real for me. While I am not Greek, my family is just as crazy as Toula’s. There is a scary similarity between my Aunt Ginny and Toula’s Aunt Voula.

3. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Hanto-all-the-boys-ive-loved-before

Another adorable YA Contemporary. I really loved the premis
e of this book even though it is my worst nightmare. I cannot imagine my past love letters being mailed out to my previous crushes. Talk about mortifying. Lara Jean somehow manages to deal with this and goes on adventure to get them back. This was just so adorable. I also read it in a day, and then I read the sequel (which I also loved) in the next. There is a third book coming out for this series which I will definitely read. After I binge read the first two again of course.

4. Camp Rock (2008, Directed by Matthew Diamond)camp-rock

Okay, if this truly is a guilty pleasure list it would be wrong of me to leave out a Disney Channel Original Movie. They are the epitome of guilty pleasures for me. They’re so bad they’re good. It might be sad that I was able to think of at least two or three more of these types of movies in which I love the romance, but decided to go with Camp Rock for a few reasons. One, the Jonas Brothers aka my sixteen year old loves. Two, I am still not over the scene where Joe Jonas sings “Gotta Find You” to Demi Lovato. Three, I love stories that deal with music, theatre, and dancing. Four, Mitchie and Shane were some of the first people I shipped. I know, I’m super lame. Leave me alone.

5. The Selection Series by Kiera Cassthe-selection

These books are serious crack! They are definitely not the best YA Dystopian novels, but they are super addicting. I read The Selection when it first came out and was in agony waiting for the next book. It was rough. I’ve officially read all of them, even the two random ones. Would not recommend for anyone who does not like romance. But hey, if you do and enjoy the Bachelor, you would probably fly through these.


6. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2015, Created by Rachel Bloom and Aline Brosh McKenna)crazy-ex-girlfriend

Okay, so I am obsessed with this show and partially freaked out by it at the same time. Why am I freaked out you ask? Well, the main character is basically me if I ever decided to become a lawyer. We’re both crazy, musical obsessed, and sadly I can see myself up and moving to chase a boy. The main character’s name is REBECCA (aka my name and WHAT BECKY IS SHORT FOR). Also Josh, one of Rebecca’s love interests, reminds me way too much one of my crushes. I have yet to watch Season Two yet, but it was just put up on Netflix so I’m sure that will change quickly.


7. The Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Meadvampire-academy

Can’t have a guilty pleasure romance list without including at least one paranormal romance. Like the Selection Series, this is another series that is also crack. I have yet to read the last book because I started this so long ago, but intend to do a re-read soon. That being said, I love this series and it’s spin off too. I fly through these books and have grown attached to its characters. Also love that we get some female friendship in here too.


8. Dance Academy (2010, Created by Samantha Strauss and Joanna Werner)dance-academy

I stumbled upon this show randomly on Netflix. Netflix must know I have an addiction/guilty pleasure to teenage drama. It mainly follows Tara, a new student at Sydney’s National Dance Academy. Its courses are mainly focused around ballet, but they learn other dances too. There’s drama, romance, dancing, self discovery, friendship, Australian accents, and more. This show is so binge worthy and I am obsessed with it. While the TV show has ended, there will be a movie coming out later this year. I just hope there will be some way I can see it over here in the US. I blame this show entirely for my recent love of Australian men.


9. The Fill-In Boyfriend by Kasie West/Any Kasie West novelthe-fill-in-boyfriend

I absolutely love Kasie West’s novels as she is a master of the adorable contemporary novel. The Fill-In Boyfriend was the first one that I read by Kasie which is why I decided to go with it. Also while there are flaws, I loved this premise and it fit with the rest of my guilty pleasure reads. I enjoyed seeing how the white lies Gia tells caught up with her and this was just so cute. I cannot wait to get my hands on Kasie’s most recent release, By Your Side. It is one of the few I have not read, along with the Pivot Point duology.

10. What a Girl Wants (2003, Directed by Dennie Gordon)what-a-girl-wants

Alright, so before Amanda Bynes went a little crazy she made two awesome rom coms. One is She’s the Man with a young Channing Tatum (which is also a solid movie and another guilty pleasure of mine). The other is this wonderful flick which I think I prefer because I like the guy more. Listen, his English accent just gets to me. There are so many things I love about this movie and I watch it anytime I need a pick me up.




Those are my top ten romantic guilty pleasures!  I know, I have a thing for super cute contemporary romances for some reason. It’s sort of a problem and has made me such a sappy writer. Would love to know some of your guilty pleasure reads! Leave a comment down below with your favorite.

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