I Have Returned: Vacation Recap

Hello friends, it’s been a while. Okay, maybe like two weeks but it feels longer than that.

If you’ve been wondering about my lack of updates, I have been in South Korea visiting one of my best friends. I decided not to bring my laptop with me (because it’s heavy and falling to pieces) so I was unable to update any of my blogs.

The good news is that this week will be filled with tons of blogging updates. I finished two books on my trip, got tagged in a few things, and I did some writing. On top of that, we are nearing the end of February which means it’s time to craft a new TBR and Wrap-Up. Expect lots of posts.

In case you were wondering, Korea was awesome! Believe it or not this was not my first time visiting this amazing country. I traveled there last year and stayed three weeks to visit the same friend. She is one of my best friends so this trip was long overdue. Plus, I was able to see my favorite Kpop group, BTS, in concert. They were amazing. I ate a lot of really great food, drank a ton of bubble tea, and shopped until I dropped. The trip flew by and I already miss my best friend.Β She is planning on visiting family in August, so hopefully I will see her then.

Anyway, that’s my life update. The next time we see each other I will be back with my bookish posts.

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