Rapid Fire Book Tag

This book tag is long overdue. I was tagged by Bella at Bella Blogs Because Books to do this tag like two weeks ago. Unfortunately, I was too busy having fun on vacation to get to it then. But I’m getting to it now, so it’s all good. I’m going to stop babbling and actually do the tag now.

E-Book or Physical Book?

Ugh, this is such a toss up for me. I like the experience of reading a physical book more but I’ve noticed that I read ebooks faster. Plus, e-books are much easy to travel with.

Paperback or Hardback?

Hardback because they are harder for me to accidentally ruin.

Online or In-Store Book Shopping?

In-Store book shopping because I tend to discover more interesting reads this way. I don’t buy books online unless I’ve heard it’s fantastic or want to own a copy.

Trilogies or Series?

Definitely series. I’m always pro more story (provided it is quality content). I hate getting to the end of a trilogy I’m obsessed with and there’s no more book for me to read.

Heroes or Villains?

Heroes, I guess? I like rooting for the underdog which have to be the heroes, right? I’m also a big fan of morally ambiguous characters, so villains who are “good” are cool too.

A book you want everyone to read?

The Infernal Devices trilogy by Cassandra Clare. Clockwork Princess was probably one of the best conclusions to a series I have ever read and I want everyone to read it. Obviously you need to read the first two to fully get the impact. Even if you don’t like the Mortal Instruments series I recommend giving this a go. It is SO much better. I swear by it.

Recommend an underrated book?

For this I’m going to go with Marking Time by April White. I just love the world she has created and her characters. This series needs to be talked about more and more love.

The last book you finished?

Tell Me Three Things by Julie Buxbaum. A review for this book will be coming soon.

The Last Book You Bought?

I just bought copies of three books in the Harry Potter series in Korean for my friend. Fun Fact: each Harry Potter book is broken down into multiple books. I guess the books would be huge if they were all in one? I’m unsure why they do this. If you do know, let me know down in the comments.

Weirdest Thing You’ve Used as a Bookmark?

I’m not sure how weird this is, but I’ve used playing cards as bookmarks. In retrospect this is probably a horrible idea on my part because I end up losing the card and having an incomplete deck of cards. I should probably stop doing that.

Used Books: Yes or No?

100% yes! Books are expensive yo. Any way you can get them cheaper is good in my book.

Top Three Favourite Genres?

Contemporary, Mystery/Thriller, and Fantasy.

Borrow or Buy?

I’m going to go with borrow. I say again, books are mad expensive yo. I don’t like spending money on books that I don’t end up liking. It’s just so disappointing. Also, at the moment I have no room to put books if I did buy them.

Characters or Plot?

See I want to go with character here because they are the backbone of any book. However, I have recently read a lot of character driven books with an okay plot. They were a struggle to get through and somewhat disappointing. Personally I need somewhat of an interesting plot or something to keep me going. I’ve learned that I don’t like reading books about characters not doing much.

Long or Short Books?

If the book does not drag at all then I’d say long books. However, I don’t want to read a slow paced long book. It all depends on the pacing of the book for me.

Long or Short Chapters?

I don’t really have a preference. If it’s paced right then I don’t care. Maybe short chapters because it helps with the pacing, but again I don’t really care.

Name The First Three Books You Think Of…

  1. The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson ย – What I’m currently reading. I’m about like 10 pages in.
  2. City of Lost Soulsย by Cassandra Clare- This was on my Feburary TBR and I have yet to get to it. Hopefully next month.
  3. Winter by Marissa Meyer – The was also on my Feburary TBR and I haven’t read it yet but desperately want to. This series is one of my absolute favorites and I can’t believe I have yet to finish it.

Books That Make You Laugh or Cry?

I mean honestly both. In the spirit of actually choosing something I’m going to go with books that make me laugh. I think it’s easier to make me cry as opposed to laugh out loud. Truly funny books are rare to find which is why I’m going with it.

Our World or Fictional Worlds?

Fictional worlds obviously. I even make up my own sometimes because I like the escapism.

Audiobooks: Yes or No?

No. I’ve only ever listened to one and it put me to sleep. Granted, I’m not sure how good of an audio book it was, but I prefer actually reading them.

Do You Ever Judge a Book by its Cover?

I am definitely guilty of this. It’s hard not to judge, especially if you stumble upon the book randomly.

Book to Movie or Book to TV Adaptations?

I personally want more Book to TV Adaptations. First, I love TV. Second, I think TV allows for much more character development. I love movie adaptations but I think because they are only 90 to 120 minutes long you can lose a lot. You get more time to explore the world and characters in TV adaptations.

A Movie or TV-Show You Preferred to its Book?

This is tough for me because I generally prefer to view the book and it’s adaptation as separate things. I’m going to go withย The Maze Runner because I cannot deny my love for Dylan O’Brien.

Series or Standalone’s?

Series. There’s more character development, more plot, and more story! I’m all about having more story.

I Tag:

Anyone who wants to answer these questions. I’m too lazy to tag people at the moment. The jet lag is real guys.

Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚




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