Becky Writes Stuff (Ep. 2)

I have no idea how to start this post. We’re gonna go with some sort of welcome back. So…

Welcome back! I’ve traveled across the world, I’ve traveled back, and found some motivation. Well, sort of. I’ve written close to 3500 words (excluding blog posts) since I’ve come back. This may not seem like a lot of you, but I have been going through a dry spell. It had been weeks (maybe even a month) since I had written a single creative word. The down side, is that these words are for a new short story I’m working.

Fellow writers, do you have that friend (or friends) who you bounce ideas off of or you consult often with your writing? Personally I have two friends that help me with this sort of thing. One of them is Marley, my college roommate, who happened to be the friend I saw on my trip. She is great at sparking inspiration and helping me come up with ideas. Which is great because she has helped me out of many binds. The downside is that sometimes she sparks ideas for new projects, which is exactly what happened!

We came up with this short story idea. Most of it is outlined and everything! At the length that I write, it will probably turn into a novella. It’s super cute and is gonna get hilarious. I’ll give you a small hint on the plot, it takes place at a wedding. Unfortunately, there are good things and bad things that come with this new project.

I’m going to start with the good, which should be obvious. It has gotten me to actually write. Getting out of a writing slump is hard and this short story is helping a lot. I’m also trying to free write more and not think so much. Sometimes I think too much on how to say something and it prevents me from getting things down on the page. I need to actualyl write said things down. When I go back for edits and rewrites I can worry about the stylistic elements. I’m hoping to bring this writing technique into writing for my novel.

The bad should also be obvious, it is taking away focus from my novel! It also is not helping with my overall focus as a writer. In the course of a big project I tend to randomly get ideas for other novels. Obviously, I write them down but sometimes I think about them more than I should. I really need to learn how to focus on one thing and/or use those ideas in what I’m currently writing. I especially need to learn how to do this for sketches. I think I could turn some of my book ideas into a tv pilot or short sketch. This would help with my writing goals for the year and I would start less projects.

At the end of the day, it is my writing. I can write what I want when I want. I’m choosing to work on this short story temporarily, give myself a little break and break out of this terrible writing slump I’ve found myself in.

That’s it for this writing update. Hopefully the next time I create one of these posts I actually will have worked on my novel.

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