First Wave of BookCon 2017 Panels Released!

If you haven’t heard of BookCon, it is sort of like Comic Con except the focus is around books. Basically, it’s the convention for book lovers. There is panels, a chance to meet your favorite authors, free stuff, and more.

I’ve been lucky to attend BookCon in 2014 (when it first became a thing) and in 2015. I did not attend last year because it was in Chicago. However, this year they’re back in New York June 3rd and 4th, and I’m so excited! There are so many great authors signed up to be there. Along with some BookTubers/Youtubers and celebrities who have books coming out.

Yesterday, they announced the first wave of panels! Already they look awesome and I’m already having conflicts. Here are a few that I’m most looking forward:

  • Real Science, Big Adventure: Bill Nye the Science Guy’s New Series — I mean it’s Bill Nye the Science Guy, what more could you ask for? He’s so cool and totally brings me back.
  • Find Your Voice with Sarah Dessen, Shannon Hale, Jenny Han, and Morgan Matson — This one excites me because you’ve got some of the great contemporary queens in one room. If you know me, you know I love my contemporary. This one is a must.
  • Jeffrey Tambor Spotlight — If you read my Top Ten Fandoms post, you know I love Arrested Development. Jeffrey Tambor’s character George Sr.  might actually by my favorite. It’s such a toss-up really. I love him regardless and think he’s hysterical. I would love to hear him speak and learn more about him.
  • Out of the Shadows: Cassandra Clare —  This was a panel everyone was expecting, but hearing it announced it still exciting. I’ve already been prepping for this one. Still got two (three if you count Lord of Shadows) main books to go.

There are also two panels featuring some BookTubers, so those have caught my eye as well. You can check out the full list here. It’s crazy how many panels I already want to go to. There are already a ton that also overlap as well! To think this is only the first wave and that we have a second coming our way. Plus there is also the autographing sessions and the show floor events.

If you can’t tell, I’m super excited for BookCon 2017! Let me know what panel you’re most looking forward too down below. Also let me know if you plan on going or wish you could go!

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