Camp NaNoWriMo Update #1

So it’s been a week since Camp NanoWriMo started. What?! I can’t believe a full week has gone by. To be honest, I’m both surprised at how quickly the week flew by and by the progress I made. So far I’ve written a total of 4,583 words. My goal is 25,000. A little behind, but I’m determined to catch up.

The hardest part is definitely sitting down to write. This past week I have been super busy and getting myself to sit down in my chair and write is difficult. Once I’m in the chair, I’m productive. I’m proud that I have ignored distractions once I’m at my computer with the document pulled up.

I think one of the main reasons I’m so productive once I’m in the chair is the fact that I’m using a slow computer. I’m staying at my grandma’s to watch her cat, and I’ve been using their set-up as I don’t currently have a laptop. I have a really nice desktop iMac at home. It’s only downside is the fact that it isn’t portable. The internet is slow which makes me focus on the document with my story itself. I’m a little worried that once I switch back things will change. I hope they won’t. Maybe the writing practices I’ve developed at my grandma’s will still stick.

I’m not surprised to see that I am behind in my goal. It’s only going to get worse as I’m about to go away for the weekend. I really need to invest in a laptop since I travel so much. Originally, I was going to try to get ahead of myself but that obviously failed. I’m not trying to beat myself too much over this fact, as I have made progress! I have finished a chapter and am more than halfway through the next. Considering I used to finish a section a week, this is definitely an improvement.

Another thing I am enjoying is my characters. I’m finally getting to scenes that I’ve dreamed of getting to very soon. For instance, after I finish the scene I’m currently one I get to write one I’m SUPER EXCITED FOR! It’s where two of my characters sort of become friends. They eventually become lovers and this scene mirrors one towards the end where we get a confession. You don’t understand how long I’ve waited to write this! I’m all about the moments between this too.

Don’t let my love for the next scene diminish the one I’m currently working on. This one is so much fun too. It features my male lead being really awkward which I love because he’s usually confidant and tough. This side doesn’t come out very often. Plus he’s hilarious.

Week 1 is officially over! Anyone else have trouble with finding time to write? Whether it be a blog post or the project you’re working on for Camp NaNoWriMo. Let’s chat down below. 

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