Top Ten Bookish Turnoffs

Last week I talked about things that will make me instantly want to read a book. It only seems fitting that this week we talk about things that are instant turnoffs for me. This meme was created by The Broke and the Bookish, check out their blog. It’s awesome.

Choosing things that turn me off of books was much harder than picking things that make me want to read books. Mostly, because it was harder pinpointing exact turn offs. I am a very fickle reader so sometimes I don’t pick up a book because I’m just not in the mood for it that day. Here is what I eventually came up with.

1. My Friend Hated It!

If one of my friends really disliked a book, it is such a turnoff for me. Especially, if it’s a friend that has similar tastes to mine then it’s a definite nope! I think the same can be said for a book blogger or BookTuber that I trust and have similar tastes to. If they hated it, I’m probably not going to enjoy it either.

2. It Sounds Slow Paced

If you didn’t already know, I am not a fan of slow paced books. They are really hard for me to get into and are books that I lose interest in. If I get somewhat of a sense of this from the synopsis on the back, you better believe I’m avoiding it like crazy.

3. Books Told in Verse

Poetry is not my thing. I’m pretty sure I was scarred in college after taking a creative writing class. I signed up for it so that I could work on my short story game, but we ended up mostly writing poetry. My teacher also frustrated me a lot, so this is probably where the dislike comes from. I’m also just not a fan so I don’t reach for poetry books or ones that are told in verse.

4. I Hated the First Book I Read by an Author

For me this mostly deals with series. If I didn’t like the first book in a series, I’m obviously not going to continue on with it. Although, if I did not like the only book I read by an author I’m less likely to pick up their next book. I’m all for giving second chances, I just need a lot of time in between.

5. Adult High Fantasy Books

This genre is one that I’m slowly trying to read more of but is also one I don’t gravitate towards. There is something about adult high fantasy worlds that is super intimidating to me. Maybe it’s their length, the world itself, or just a combination of the two. Unless a book is recommended to me or I’ve heard great things (e.x. Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson) I won’t pick it up.

6. Steamy Romances/Erotica

I love fluff but I cannot get into the more steamy romances. In my mind, I feel like these books are more about sex than anything. Granted this is a completely biased opinion as I have read little to no Romance novels. Sex focused books are just something I’m not into and another thing I avoid.

7. Bad Reviews

I am definitely not a review snob and don’t need a a 4/5 star rating to pick up a book. However, if it has less than a 3 star rating on GoodReads I won’t touch it. There are special circumstances obviously, but I don’t want to read something that has an average of below 3 stars. It has to be a pretty bad book to receive that kind of rating. When there are so many good books out there, I definitely try to avoid the bad ones.

8. Bad Representation

Diversity has become such a big thing in the book community and as much as I want more of it, I don’t want diversity for the sake of diversity. Some authors don’t take the time and sometimes end up using stereotypes or caricatures of diverse characters just to have them. It’s annoying, especially if these stereotyped characters play a big role in the book. If I’ve heard bad things about representation in a book, it is a turn off for me.

The perfect example of this is Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth. When I first heard Veronica Roth was coming out with a new book I was definitely intrigued. Especially because I really enjoyed Divergent and Insurgent (never got to Allegiant for whatever reason). However, once I heard there was a lot of issues regarding race I no longer wanted to read it. Maybe one day, I will give it a chance and form my own opinion. However, at the moment I have no interest in reading it.

9. Books About Privileged White Men

Okay, so I know this is totally sexist (maybe a little racist) of me. I am a straight, white, privileged woman, so who am I to really talk? However, unless there’s a super interesting premise, plot, or journey these books just don’t interest me. I sometimes find it hard to relate to the character and can’t get into the book because of it. Plus there are so many books, tv shows, and movies about privileged white men. I’d like to read something outside of that realm or at least something with varying perspectives. Sue me okay!

10. Nothing Interests Me from the Synopsis

At the end of the day though, if I’m not interested from the synopsis I won’t read it. I almost always read the synopsis of a book I’m considering to read. The only exception is if I’ve heard such amazing things about the book and heard that it’s best to go in blind. Then I will skip the synopsis and just pick up the book. Aside from that, if nothing, and I mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHINGinterests me then what’s the point? There are so many books out there, more than I can read in my lifetime, and I don’t see the point in trying out a book that has nothing to offer me. I’d rather read something I’m interested in. End of story.

There you have it. My book turn offs. These are definitely less specific than my instareads, but I think it takes more to turn me off of a book as opposed to picking one up. I’m one of those people that can be easily convinced to read something and will usually give a book a chance. Would love to hear your turn offs. Leave a comment down below sharing yours, especially if you have something super specific. I would love to hear about it. 

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