BookCon 2017 Recap (Part Two) — Sunday, The Chill Day

Hello again. If you’re here you’ve most likely come from my recap of BookCon Day 1. If you haven’t read that post click here. I talk about all the cool, fun things I did on Saturday, the first day of BookCon. If you don’t care to read it that’s cool too.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk day 2.

Thankfully, my schedule was not as jam packed as it was on Saturday. This gave me more time to explore the show floor and a little more freedom with my time. On the schedule that I made, I put down everything that I could possibly want to do at any given time. As there were less things I really wanted to do, I could see where the day led me.

The first big thing I did, aside from grabbing a beach towel at Penguin and an ARC from Harlequin, was see Bill Nye the Science Guy.

insert iconic Bill Nye the Science Guy theme song here

I’m in my mid twenties, so if you’re younger than me Bill Nye might not have had the same impact on your elementary school/middle school science classes. However, he was a staple in mine. So much so that whenever someone mentions his name I have to break out into the iconic theme song. He was at BookCon promoting his new children’s series Jack and the Geniuses. He co-wrote this series with Gregory Mone. Gregory interviewed Bill and they talked about this series came about.

I must say, the story about how the two authors met is crazy. Basically, Gregory happened to run into Bill at this random coffee shop. He was a fan of Bill’s and went up to him to say so. The two got to talking and Bill mentioned that he was trying to take up surfing as a hobby. Gregory also surfed and invited Bill to go surfing with him and his buddies the next day. He didn’t think that Bill would show, it just fit the conversation. However, Bill did show and surfed with them the next day. Now the two of them have a children’s series together.

20170604_110145_hdr.jpgI hadn’t heard of this series before and I don’t read a ton of children’s/middle grade, but after hearing the two authors talk about the series I definitely want to pick it up. It follows these three orphans Jack, Ava, and Matt. Ava and Matt are geniuses, which sometimes makes life difficult for Jack. They try to spy on Dr. Hank Witherspoon who is one of the world’s leading scientists, and loosely based of Bill Nye himself, but end up working for him. Their first adventure takes them to a science competition in Antarctica where everything isn’t as it seems. What is really cool about this series is that it features real-world science so a lot of the things that happen could happen in real life. Bill stated that he wanted to create a series similar to the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew for kids today.

Hearing Bill Nye speak was awesome and he is such an interesting person. He is also hilarious! Kim, my friend, and I were laughing non-stop. I also learned a few new things. For example, did you know that learning algebra is actually super important? Not only is it fundamental for understanding most sciences and high level maths, but it also helps develop your critical thinking skills.  Algebra was something that I was good at in school, but I didn’t think I would ever use it in what I wanted to do. While I may not use algebra every day, it has made me an excellent critical thinker. Enough random facts, back to BookCon.20170604_123653

The next big thing I did was attend the “Write Here, Write Now” panel that featured E. Lockhart, Jennifer E. Smith, Adam Silvera, and Leigh Bardugo. Kim convinced me to come, and since there was no hope for me to get into line this signing I wanted to go to, I tagged along with her. I must say I was really glad that I went, because all of these authors were really cool people. I enjoyed hearing about their new books and a bit about their writing process. It only made me more excited to read Wonder Woman: WarbringerThey Both Die at the EndWindfall, and Genuine Fraud.

After that, I headed to probably my most anticipated panel of the weekend which was Ryan Higa’s panel. I love Ryan and he is one of my favorite YouTubers! What I’ve always liked about him is that he kind of just does his own thing and makes the videos that he wants to make. It is admirable in a world where a lot of people make content just for views.

He just came out with a new book entitled How to Write Good. He got inspired to write one after seeing the response he got from his “Draw My Life” video. I was super excited when I found out he was going to BookCon. It’s always cool to see someone who you see on the screen in real life and this was no different. I had a great time listening to him talk and can’t wait to read his book.


Also, he teased that he and the BGA guys are working on another project which I’m so excited about. BGA is something that I didn’t know I needed in my life. I’ve definitely watched “Who’s it Gonna Be” more times than I can count…It sounded like they were in the early stages of the project, so who knows when the video will actually come out.

Those were the three main things I did on Sunday. I met up with Kim after Ryan’s panel, and we just walked around the floor. If you ever go to BookCon in the future and go to the last day, make sure you stick around until the end! Publishers start giving away things like crazy and also lower the prices of some of their new books because they want to get rid of them. Needless to say Kim and I picked up some good deals.

Kim and I being extra at the Shadowhunters booth!

We also finally did one of the photo booths together. I separately did one by myself on Saturday, which let me tell you was an awkward experience. The only reason I did it Saturday is because a staff member told me I should come take a picture. I was sucked into it, and now have an awkward set of photos with just me lol.

The only downside about doing most of my show flooring on Day 2 is that by then most people had figured out the ARC drops and it was harder to get things than the first day. But I really can’t complain because I ended up with some cool ARCs that I can’t wait to talk about. Stay tuned for my BookCon haul.



Overall, I had such an amazing time at BookCon. I loved going to all of the panels and seeing all of the booths. I cannot wait for next year’s event, which is taking place next June at the Jacob Javits Center in New York.

If you’ve read both of these long ass posts, let me know down in the comments. You’re a real hero if you stuck around for all of my BookCon ranting. Also let me know if you attended BookCon and what your favorite thing was. Feel free to gush about anything that I talked about as well. Would love to hear from you! 

6 thoughts on “BookCon 2017 Recap (Part Two) — Sunday, The Chill Day

    • BookCon was amazing and I clearly had a fantastic time lol. My Book Haul hopefully will be up tomorrow. I’ve been swamped this weekend with so much stuff, I have unfortunately been unable to get to it. Thank you so much for reading these rants of mine. I wrote them more for me and didn’t think anyone else would enjoy reading them. So thanks for reading both of them 🙂


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