Camp NaNoWriMo: Week #1 Update!

Alright so technically it’s been more than a week since Camp NaNoWriMo started, but these past 10 days have been insane for me! I’ve been crazy busy with life. I think that is in part due to the fact that the first four days of July I was away for the holiday. When I came back I was overloaded with plans, so I only ended up writing two out of the nine days that have passed.

I wish that I could say I’ve wrote a lot in those two days, but my word count sits at 1,255. That leaves 18,745 words to go, which frankly sounds daunting. I’ve only got 22 days left to write, so I really need to get it together.

On the bright side, I was able to finish the scene I’ve been stuck on for the past month. While it will need a ton of work in the editing phase, it feels so good to be done with it! I can finally start fresh on a new scene and new character dynamic. Hopefully this will get me out of my writing slump, so that I can be extremely productive the rest of the month.

To be more productive this coming week, I have decided to set weekly writing goals for myself. I’m sharing them with you so that you can hold me accountable for them or at least try to.

Weekly Writing Goals

1. Finish Two Scenes 

Okay, so I know that this doesn’t sound like a ton of writing, but I have a feeling that these next two scenes are gonna be rough for me. My outline for the chapter that I’m currently working on is a little sparse. I know the basic idea I want to get across for each scene, but the details are fuzzy. I am still sort of in a writing slump, so I have no idea how hard it will be to write these upcoming scenes. All that matters is that I get them done. If it takes the full week, it will take the full week.

The good news is that once I finish them I will be done with this chapter. The next chapter is something that I’ve been looking forward to writing since I came up with this story. I have outlined it in such detail that I know it will be much easier to write. The fact that I am so close to it will hopefully push me to actually finishing the chapter I am currently working on.

2. Write 5,000 Words

I’m setting the bar low this week so that I don’t feel the pressure. This is a reasonable goal and one that I can definitely meet by next Monday. I know that the next couple of scenes are going to be rough, so I’d rather take my time with figuring them out and not worry about writing ‘x’ amount of words each day. I will be able to make up the difference when I am working on the stuff I’m really excited about.

3. Find One Hour To Write Each Day

One of my biggest problems last week was my inability to set aside time for writing. I would tell myself that I will write later, and later never came. By setting a specific time each day to work on my novel I hope to be more productive and write more. I’m not going to make it the same time every day, because my schedule is all over the place. To prevent myself from going back to my old habits, I will be figuring out a set time in the morning and sticking to it. If this doesn’t work I can always switch it up next week.

Those are all of the goals I can think of for this week. Maybe I’ll get a little more creative next week, but this week is all about finishing this god damn chapter. You don’t understand how much I can’t wait for it to be done.

In other news, I’ve sent a good chunk of my novel to my friend Will to review. Will is my fellow writing buddy, except he’s a whole lot better at it than I am. My novel has a lot of weird and quirky stuff in it that I personally love, but I’m not sure how it will read to someone who is not me. I told Will basically nothing, and am getting his first reactions. It is so nerve wracking, because this thing is like my baby in a way. So far he’s read my long ass intro and the first chapter. While he is giving me some constructive notes, he is loving some of my favorite lines and I think is getting the concept. We’ll see what he has to say when he finishes all that I have sent him.

Check-in next week for another writing update! I will be posting them on Mondays around this time. Wish me luck this week! If you’re also participating in Camp NaNoWriMo let me know how these past 9 days have gone for you. Did you struggle? Are things going really well? What goals have you set for yourself this week? Let’s talk about all things writing down in the comment section below. 



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