September TBR!

This post is way overdue seeing as how we’re already eight days into September! I visited my friend in Seattle Labor Day weekend, so I didn’t have a ton of time to blog. The time I did have, I spent resting. Did you know there are so many god damn hills in Seattle? I swear, my friend walked me all over the place.

Since I failed at reading all of the things I planned to last month, I have a lot of catching up to do. On top of that, I have to read two books for my book club. We’re trying to read 12 books in 2017 and since we missed the first month, we picked this month as our double header.

Basically, I just have a ton to read. Let’s get into what exactly that entails.

1. The Girl with the Red Balloon by Katherine Locke — I received an eARC from NetGalley for this book in exchange for an honest review. I intended to finish this book last month, but time got away from me. It follows Ellie Baum, a sixteen-year old girl, who accidentally time travels back to 1988 East Berlin thanks to a red balloon. Nobody’s quite sure how this happened, not even the members of this secret guild who use balloons to help people escape to West Berlin. I’m currently half-way through and really enjoying it! Ellie is such an awesome main character and I’m interested to see where the plot goes. This book was just recently released, so check it out if any of this interests you.

2. Murder, Magic, and What We Wore by Kelly Jones — This is the other ARC I need to get to this month, as it comes out later this month. I’m so excited to pick this book up, because there are spies. I am all about the spies. Also, I am really feeling the historical fantasy too, so this book sounds like a match made in heaven. It follows sixteen-year-old Annis Whitworth who has just learned that her father’s dead and that all of his money is gone. Her next course of action? To become a spy of course. This story takes place 1818 in the city of London, and Annis has the ability to sew glamours into clothes which can disguise the wearer completely. I’m just so into the premise and cannot wait to dive into it. It’s been a while since I read something involving spies.

3. A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan — This is my book club’s official book of the month. It was my friend Will’s pick, and he chose this because he is planning on applying for grad school for writing. Jennifer Egan is one of the professor’s at the program he’s looking at, so he wanted to get more familiar with her writing. Personally, I’m really excited to read this. I don’t know too much about it aside from the fact that it deals with the music industry (specifically punk rock), and has interconnecting story lines. From what I can gather the book plays around with time as well. I love all of these things, so hopefully I end up enjoying this book.

4. A Comfortable Madness by Francine LaSala — My book club decided a few months ago that this would be the book we read during our double header. Will is friends with the author and suggested it. I don’t know know too much about this except for the fact that it is a romance. From what I know it sounds good, and I’m excited to read something by a fellow Long Islander.

5. A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas — At the rate that Bella and I are reading this, I’m not sure if we’ll actually finish it by the end of this month. However, I’m about 200 pages into this so I thought I would mention it. I’m obviously really enjoying it so far! Sarah J. Maas just writes book crack that you can’t help but get into. This is the conclusion to the ACOTAR Trilogy and I’m really scared, because I know someone dies (or at least, I can only assume someone dies as it’s the last book). With that in mind, I’m sort of glad I’m reading it slowly. I can savor it even more.

Those are all of the books I plan to read. I am determined to have a super productive reading month this September. I’m hoping to finish all of these quickly so that I can squeeze in an extra book possibly. One Dark Throne by Kendare Blake comes out this month and I want to read it asap. I read Three Dark Crowns a few months ago and have been obsessed with it ever since. Hopefully I have time, if not this will be first on my TBR for October.

What is on your TBR for this month? Are you planning on reading any of the books I mentioned? Let’s chat about it in the comment section.

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