October TBR!

I can’t believe that it’s already October, where has 2017 gone? Personally, I’m excited that October is here because like most basic bitches, I love fall. I’m determined this year to go pumpkin picking, corn mazing, and all your other cheesy Halloween/fall stuff. I’m also excited, because I’m planning on reading some awesome books.

Last month I read a lot of books that I had to read, either for review or for book club. It’s nice that this month I can read all of the books I’ve been dying to get to. Hopefully, this breaks me out of the mini-reading slump I’ve found myself in.

1. One Dark Throne by Kendare Blake (Three Dark Crowns #2) — I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this book since I finished the first one. Admittedly, that was only two months ago, but it felt like so much longer. So much craziness happened at the end of Three Dark Crowns and I’m dying to find out what happens next. Out of all of the books on my TBR, this one feels the most in season. Since this is a sequel, I’m not going to give you a synopsis. I don’t want to accidentally spoil you. All you need to know is that this series is a multiple perspective fantasy that takes place in a matriarchal society. Each generation a set of triplets is born, but only one can become Queen. In order to become Queen, they have to kill the other two. I absolutely loved the first book and am so pumped to read this. I’m already 100 pages in and enjoying it so far!

2. The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson (Mistborn #2) — This is another sequel that I’ve been dying to get to, but just haven’t had the time. In fairness, the size of this book is a little intimidating. It’s a good 773 pages, which is just insane. That being said, I’m still really pumped to read this. I was absolutely blown away by the first book, The Final Empire. It had so many elements that I love to read about such as an ensemble cast, a complex/interesting plot, awesome characters that you root for, and heist elements. I cannot wait to dive back into this world and see how our characters deal with the after effects of what happened in the first book.

3. The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch (Gentleman Bastard #1) — It was my pick for book club this month, so I picked a novel I’ve been meaning to get to for a while. My friend who recommended The Final Empire to me, also suggested that I read this book. He knows that I have an obsession with novels that feature a heist and an ensemble cast, so he thought I would enjoy this. To be honest, I don’t know too much about the plot and that’s fine by me. I want to go in as cold as possible. I’ve seen some people compare it to Ocean’s Eleven, which both excites me and scares me. If they are right, I know I will love it. If they are wrong, there is a chance I will be disappointed. I’m trying to ignore those comments and see what I think. I really hope that I love this book though, and I’m so excited to have a reason to read it.

4. Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson —  With all of the fantasy on my TBR this month, I knew I needed to throw a contemporary on here in case I needed a break. What did I decide to go with? The giant YA contemporary that takes place in summer, of course. I know it seems weird to read “summer” book in October, especially after I went on a rant on how much I love fall. However, Morgan Matson has become one of my favorite authors recently. I’m currently trying to work my way through all of the books that she’s written. I’m trying to read them in publication order (sans The Unexpected Everything which was the first book I read by her) since there are apparently easter eggs. I don’t know too much about this book other than it takes place during summer and is supposed to be super sad. I say bring on the emotions! I’m ready to feel some things!

5. A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas (ACOTAR #3) —  I’m including this on my TBR again, because there is a chance I might end up finishing this. Bella and I are still slowly making our way through this book. We’re trying to savor it okay! I’m at the 300 page mark now and still enjoying it. It keeps building and building, so I’m looking forward to see what happens. If there’s one thing Sarah J. Maas does well, it’s writing action packed scenes. I can’t wait to get to a huge battles that I know are coming.

Those are all of the things that I plan to read this October. I didn’t mean to pick so much fantasy, it just worked out that way. I also didn’t mean to pick only big books either. I’m a little intimidated by the the size of all the books on my TBR to be honest. I’m determined to finish them all, because I desperately need to catch up with my reading challenge for the year. I’m currently four books behind, so I cannot afford to fall further behind.

What is on your TBR for this month? Are you planning on reading any of the books I mentioned? I feel like October is when a lot of people read thrillers and horrors. Send me recommendations if that is you! I’d love to read more in that genre. If you’re not a seasonal reader (like me), let me know too. 

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