Discussion: Why I’m No Longer Doing Monthly TBRs

Creating your monthly TBR (or To Be Read list) is something that you do when you are a book blogger or BookTuber. After trying it for a year, I have come to realize that I hate doing it. They’re not my jam for a few different reasons and I thought I would share those reason with you those.

1. I’m a mood reader.

I’ve learned so much about my reading self over the past year thanks to this blog. One of the things I’ve learned is that I’m a mood reader. I tend to enjoy books way more when I’m in the mood for them.

When I create a monthly TBR, it’s to know what exactly I want to read that month. For example, when I plan to read a ton of fantasy, I sometimes find myself in the mood for a fluffy contemporary (and vice versa). When this happens I feel so conflicted, but usually end up sticking to my TBR and not reading books I want to. This has a negative impact on my reading, which brings me to my next point.

2. Sticking to a monthly TBR pushes me into reading slumps.

When I’m very strict about sticking to the TBR I’ve made for myself at the beginning of the month, I find that the next month I get into a mini-reading slump. Which sucks! Nobody wants to be stuck in a god awful reading slump.

I think that when I force myself to read books I’m not in the mood for, it makes reading feel like a chore. When it feels like a chore, I don’t want to do it as much. Then the reading slump attacks and I’m fighting to get out of it.

I don’t want reading to feel like something I have to do. It is supposed to be fun, right?

3. I find TBRs limiting.

Once I create my TBR for the month, there’s always at least one book I become aware of that I want to read asap. However, the books on my TBR are books that I’ve been meaning to read for like ever, so I feel bad picking up that book.

Also, I post my TBR on the internet and feel like I have to stick to them because of that. I’ve let the people know what I’m reading and I don’t want to disappoint the people! I know it sounds silly, because I don’t think you guys care how much I stick to my original TBR, but it’s the way I feel sometimes.

4. They make feel like I’m not reading the books I want to read.

So this one is a little melodramatic, but some months I make a TBRs that do not excite me. Or rather when I post them, I’m excited to read all of the books on the list and then my mood changes. New books catch my attention and I want to read those, not the ones I put on my list.

But I stick with my list most of the time and when I get to my wrap-up I feel like I’ve read nothing I really wanted to read. Which sucks! Reading is a hobby for me and I want it to be fun. It should be fun, but some months it doesn’t feel fun.

* * *

Basically, monthly TBRs are sucking the fun out of reading for me, and I’m not standing for it anymore. Since it’s a new year, I’m trying a new thing and seeing how it works for me.

So I’m done with them, at least for this year! We’ll see if this works better for me, or if I miss making those TBRs. However, I’m excited to see where this decision leads me!

What is your opinion on TBRs? Do you love making them or secretly hate them, like me? Let’s discuss down in the comment section below. 

6 thoughts on “Discussion: Why I’m No Longer Doing Monthly TBRs

  1. I have never done them because I too am a mood reader and also sometimes I acquire new books throughout the month and will read those right away. I have a general idea of what books I will read after my current one, but still those are never set in stone.

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  2. I agree — forcing yourself to read stuff you’re not in the mood for isn’t helpful. That said, sometimes it’s fun to talk about books you’re excited about even before you read them, so there’s certainly nothing wrong with a TBR


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