Author: Becky

The Reason Why I Probably Won’t Rate Books on this Blog

I know what you’re thinking: A book blog that doesn’t rate books.Β Sacrilege!Β  I know, it’s weird! I’m actually not sure if there are other bloggers out there who do this. I know there are a couple of BookTubers who have decided to not give star ratings on books they review. Regardless, it’s still weird! I

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My Reading Rush TBR!

I am participating in The Reading Rush (formerly BookTube-A-Thon)! If you’re not familiar with this famous BookTube readathon, it is a week where the book community all reads books together, basically. There are challenges galore. It is hosted by Ariel Bissett and Raeleen Lemay. The Reading Rush is taking place next week! The dates are

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Starting Anew? — A post discussing the ways I plan to overhaul/revive this blog

Today, I got the urge to revisit my blog and potentially start blogging again. It was then that I realized that my WordPress Premium subscription automatically renewed. So in March, I paid close to a hundred dollars for a domain that I no longer use. Great. I have this domain until March of 2020, so

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