The 20 Questions Book Tag

It’s been AGES since I did a book tag on my blog. We’re talking more than a year here. I just scrolled through my posts now to see when exactly that was, and the last Book Tag I did was The Good Reads Book Tag on JUNE 23RD OF 2017!

God, I’m the worst book blogger. 

I promise I don’t have anything against Book Tags. They are super fun! I’m just never tagged in them, and a lazy book blogger sometimes. So since it’s clearly been forever, I thought I would do one.

I stumbled upon this one on Boston Book Reader’s site, it looked fun, so here we are. I could not find the original creator of the tag, which I feel bad about.



I think it depends on the series, because some book series I want to go on forever while others I’m like, THERE ARE TOO MANY BOOKS. WHY MUST I READ ALL OF THESE BOOKS!? JUST TELL ME HOW IT ENDS!

But you want a number? I’ll give you a number. I’m going to go with more than 5, because unless I’m really into the series/world, it becomes a chore after 5.


I like them because it ends the book on a high note, and you’re left thinking “What next?!” However, it really sucks when you have to wait more than a year for the next book to come out.

Also, from a writer’s perspective they are fun to write! If I ever get published, I expect my readers to hate me for my cliff hangers.


Floppy paperback, because I enjoy reading from them more. However, some hardbacks are so beautiful, I just can’t resist.


I hate when people ask me this question, because then I have to chose from my multitude of favorites. It’s not fair. It feels like picking a favorite child. If I had to pick, I’m going to go with Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare, because I still remember my experience reading that book. It was like I was on a roller coaster of emotions. Jem, Tessa, and Will still hold all of my heart, so much so that I get so happy when they are mentioned in Cassandra Clare’s other works.

A close second is Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson, because that book was epic!


Before this year I did not have an answer to this question, but now I do. It is The Testing of Luther Albright by MacKenzie Bezos. I really did not gel with this book. It was extremely slow paced and an uninteresting story.


Yes, but only if done well.


The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson. I’m honestly surprised by this one, because The Remnant Chronicles is a well loved series. It’s not bad, I just can’t connect with the characters. I was also hoping for a more interesting plot. I do plan on finishing it at some point this year, because I was more than 70% of the way through. Maybe the end will change things for me.


War Storm by Victoria Aveyard. My cousin, Kate, and I have been binge reading the Red Queen series. I have mixed feelings on the series as a whole. On the one hand, I find the world really interesting, but I’m personally not gelling with the writing style. I don’t think it’s poorly written, but sometimes it has a slower pace. That being said, I’m really vibing with War Storm so far!


I’m pretty sure that it was Truly Devious by Maureen Johnson, because I am obsessed with this book! Also, the person I was recommending it to was looking for a YA Mystery Thriller. If you’re looking for a good YA Mystery Thriller, I recommend picking it up. *wink wink* *nudge nudge*


God, I don’t know the answer to this. I think it’s The Iliad by Homer? I had to read it for AP English ages ago.


Undead Girl Gang by Lily Anderson, which I really enjoyed! It was a fun witchy book, that hit me right in the feels. I really liked that at it’s core, this was a book about female friendship. I also loved Mila’s narration. She had such a dry, sarcastic humor that I found hilarious.


This is another question I hate, because I don’t have an all time favorite author. I can name a few of my favorite authors. Ally Carter, Marissa Meyer, Brandon Sanderson, and Maureen Johnson. I think Cassandra Clare too, because she’s got me hooked on her latest series and I loved The Infernal Devices trilogy.


Both? I really like borrowing books digitally from my library, because I don’t have to worry about late fees and it’s a fun way to try out books. At the same time, buying books is an addiction. You can’t just buy one book. Plus, I can take as long as I want to read them, because they’re MINE!


Oooh! We love ourselves a good controversial question. Let me think. Most of the books I actively dislike are books that most people dislike. So I’m going to pick a popular book that I felt meh on instead. There are many of those. The one I’m picking is Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys. I liked the characters, but I thought the author could have done a better job at building tension. The plot was uninteresting and I did not find myself incredibly invested in the story. For a book about a tragic event, I did not cry, and I am a book crier!  This just did not do much for me.


The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, since I’ve reread it at least three or four times at this point (minus Winter because I suck at finishing series). I still get so wrapped up in the story even though I know what happens.


Yes. It’s not preferable, but I can do it. I mostly do this on the train when I want to block out the annoying conversations around me.


Multiple POVS all day every day! I really enjoy seeing the story and world from all sides, especially when it’s a story/world that I find super interesting.


Usually over multiple days simply for time. Most days I have a bunch of stuff to do, so it’s hard for me to sit down and dedicate a full day to just reading. That being said, if I’m super invested and have the time, I will spend all day reading a book.


I don’t often read books purely because of the cover, but The Selection by Keira Cass is the closest thing I can think of. I mean the covers of that book has such a pretty dress, I can’t help but be intrigued.

We’ve reached the end of the tag, and I don’t know what to say because I’m bad at concluding things…but this tag was fun! No. It really was so much fun! I love answering random questions about books.

I am not going to tag anyone specifically. Mostly because I’m not sure who has done this already, but if you haven’t and you want to after reading my post consider yourself TAGGED!

Please let me know if you agreed or disagreed with any of my answers down in the comment section below. Also, if there’s a tag you would like to see me do let me know down below as well. 

P.S. I started doing this because I thought it would be an easy post. It took me at least a week to write this. Turns out answering 20 Questions is harder than it looks or I’m just lazy. Def just lazy.

Top 5 Books That I Think Will Be 5 Star Reads!

Recently, I’ve been trying not to set high expectations for books because I’m afraid they will let me down. There’s nothing worse than thinking you’re going to fall in love with a book and have it just miss it’s mark. *cough Six of Crows cough*

With that being said, I think this trend is so interesting and fun. I love hearing people’s thought processes behind their book selections, so I thought I would take a stab at it myself.

Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme that the lovely Bionic Bookworm does. If you are interested in doing any of her topics on your blog she welcomes it! Don’t forget to check out her upcoming topics if you’re interested in participating in future Top 5’s! 


Hero of ages.jpg

1. The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson (Mistborn #3)

This is a given (or at least I hope it is). I loved the first two books in The Mistborn Trilogy (The Final Empire and The Well of Ascension). They were my favorite reads of 2017. I love the characters, the world, and need to see what happens after the ending of The Well of Ascension. Plus, Branderson is excellent at writing conclusions. The first two books had solid endings, so I have faith that he’ll bring things home with an epic conclusion. Also, I gave both of the previous books a 5 star rating, so the third book has got to be a 5 star read too, right?


lord of shadows.jpg

2. Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare (The Dark Artifices #2)

I have yet to officially start The Dark Artifices series by Cassandra Clare. Most of the people I’ve heard talk about it say that it’s her best work yet. I really enjoy the Shadowhunter Chronicles world as a whole, but not every single book has blown me away. In fact, I feel sort of meh on The Mortal Instruments series. Literally, the only reason I read it was so that I could see the crossover with The Infernal Devices (which I LOVED) and so that I could read The Dark Artifices. I say again, I hear it’s epic and blows the other two series away.

The reason I chose Lord of Shadows over Lady Midnight for the 5 Star Rating is because I’m really not sure what I’ll think of Lady Midnight. I don’t hand a lot of 5 Star Ratings out, so while I know I will like the book, I’m just not sure if it will completely blow me away.

Lord of Shadows on the other hand has literally blown away everyone who has read it. I feel like I have not come across a review that wasn’t a rave review. Plus, it’s supposed to hit you hard in the feels and I’m more likely to give a book a higher rating if it hits me hard in the feels.


Red Sister

3. Red Sister by Mark Lawrence (Book of the Ancestor #1)

Okay, so now is when things get hard for me. As I said before, it takes a lot for me to give a book 5 Stars and it’s hard to predict what will be my new obsession. So the first book I’m going out on a limb on is Red Sister.

I’ve really gotten into the fantasy genre in the past year or so. This is a fantasy that has been on my radar because there are assassins and I live for assassins. Not only does this book feature assassins, but it’s all female assassins who I think are nuns? That concept just hooks me. Plus we get to see assassin school, which is always a good time. This book sounds like it is exactly what I’ve been in the mood for lately, so I’m hoping for 5 Stars.


The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle.jpg

4. The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton

I have lots of good feelings about this book. I recently read Truly, Devious by Maureen Johnson which I loved and am obsessed with (seriously, I need the sequel now). That book is a mystery like this one, and since reading it I’m in the mood for a good mystery.

Not only does this sound like a good mystery with an complex plot, but it gives me Inception/Memento vibes. It follows Aiden Bishop who is always too late to save Evelyn Hardcastle, so he is forced to repeat the same day over and over again. In order to get out of this loop, he has to solve the mystery. Playing with time and dimensions is a Christopher Nolan thing, and this sounds exactly like the kind of film he would direct. Christopher Nolan is my favorite director of all time, so the fact that it’s giving me these vibes tells me that this book could be next obsession.


The Seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo

5. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Even though this book has a very similar title to the previous book, it is completely different. Honestly, this is probably my most random pick on the whole list because it’s literary fiction. Literary Fiction and I don’t always see eye to eye. It just is a genre that is hard for me to get into, because I’m usually bored by the story. I think this book might be different though.

It has gotten great reviews from a lot of BookTubers, one of them being Emily from Books with Emily Fox. I think that our taste in books is very similar, and she gave this book a great review! She described it more like chick lit than literary fiction, and I’m all about chick lit. Especially, chick lit that hits me in the feels, which it sounds like this book will do. So I think it’ll be a book outside of my reading preferences that will blow me away.

Those are the 5 books that I think I will end up giving 5 stars. This honestly was SO much harder than I thought it was going to be. Now I’m afraid that I won’t end up loving any of these books like I thought, but I’ll just have to read them and see.

When I do eventually read these books, I will do an updated post and let you know what I ended up thinking of them. Maybe try it again? I don’t know, we’ll see.

For now, let me know if you gave any of these books 5 Stars. Also, let me know which books you think you will give 5 Stars. I just want to know, because I think this topic is so interesting.

P.S. I’m back 🙂


My Blog Turns One and 2018 Goals

My blog turned 1 year old a few weeks ago, which has been pretty exciting! On January 5th, I posted my first ever TBR and began my book blogging journey. Since then I have gained over 100 followers, started a BookTube Channel, and I read a total of 44 books. 2017 has been a pretty productive year, but I’m hoping 2018 will be even better.

Today, I thought I would share with you my Bookish and Writing Goals for 2018. I don’t usually set so many goals, but I thought it would be fun! That way next year I can look back and see what I managed to accomplish.

Bookish Goals

  1. Read 50 books — 50 books was my reading challenge for last year, but I did not manage to reach that goal. So this year I’m determined to actually go and read those god damn 50 books! Out of all my bookish goals, this is my top priority.
  2. Read at least 1 book from my physical TBR — I have developed a serious book buying problem in 2017. My favorite used book store is only 3 blocks away from my job, and they always have such great deals. Their dollar book section specifically is very good, so I usually just pick up whatever titles I’ve heard of and that I’m interested in. This has resulted in me collecting a shit ton of books that I have yet to actually read. I’m hoping by reading at least 1 book that I own a month will help me make my way through all of the unread books on my shelf.
  3. Finish or get caught up with at least 3 series — Another bad habit that I have is starting series and not finishing them. It’s such a problem! Half of the time, I forget or am lazy. The other half is because I don’t want the series to end (which I realize sounds stupid). However, I have started so many series that it’s gotten way out of hand and I desperately need to catch up.

Writing Goals

  1. Reach my halfway/reevaluating point with my WIP — This is something that I should have been able to complete last year, but was too lazy to do so. Currently, I am a chapter and a half away from completing this goal so if it doesn’t happen someone needs to slap me.
  2. Finish first draft of WIP — This is sort of a lowkey goal, my main concern is reaching my halfway/reevaluating point. I’m also not sure what I will be doing once that point. I may go back and start my rewrite, or a may just continue on until I finish the draft. Regardless, I would like to complete a first draft of this project by the end of this year. I’ve been working on this book for so long, and would like to actually make some headway with it.
  3. Outline Heist Novel and finish character bios — Yes, you heard that right. I am writing a heist novel! I had a massive breakthrough with this project in December, and am really excited to start working on it. Since heist novels require so much research and planning, I am giving myself a year to do all of that. If you’d like to hear me talk about this project more in length, check out my latest writing vlog.
  4. Begin sketch writing again — Three years ago, I was very much into sketch writing. Since then I have really slacked off with my sketch writing, which is a shame. I really enjoy the medium, and would like to see some of my works performed. I am participating in a sketch workshop, so this is another goal that will be completed in the near future.

Blog Goals

  1. Post at least 1 time a week — Since starting my BookTube Channel, I have been horrible at posting on this thing. I do enjoy blogging and want to continue writing reviews and posting. I think posting at least 1 time a week is manageable, so that’s what we’re shooting for. I think I might decide on a specific day to post, but that is TBD.
  2. Post things other than reviews — Recently, I have been posting a lot of reviews. Which has been fun, and I’m sure helpful for you guys, but this blog needs some variety. If you would like to see me do a tag or talk about something, leave a comment down below!

BookTube Goals

  1. Post at least 1 time a week — I’m just really bad at posting guys, across all platforms. There are some weeks I post like 2 videos in a week, and then it takes me a week and half to post the next batch. I want to get on a more consistent uploading schedule to make life easier for me and make sure that my content is consistent
  2. Become more active in the community — I really suck at talking to people, commenting, and just being an active member in the BookTube community (the book blogger community too). That is something that I would like to see change and meet more people.

Those are all of my goals Bookish/Writing Goals for 2018. I think I set a fair amount of goals that I can totally complete this year. My writing goals will be the most challenging, but this is the year that I am productive!

Let me know what your New Year’s resolutions are! They don’t have to be book related, they can be life goals or any sort of goals. Let’s chat down below.

To BookTube or Not to BookTube?

I want to preface this post by saying that I do not plan on abandoning this blog at all! The book blogging community is wonderful and I feel lucky to be a part of it.

With that being said, I must confess that I have been thinking about starting a BookTube channel. I’m sure I’m not the only blogger who loves watching BookTube videos. Ever since I learned that BookTube was a thing, I’ve been hooked. It is definitely a huge reason why I decided to blog about books in the first place.

Originally, I chose to focus on blogging over vlogging because it was low risk and a place where I could remain anonymous. There is something about putting a video of yourself talking on the internet that is super scary! Also blogging is something that I am just more comfortable with, because I love to write.

However, recently I have been hit with this desire to make videos. I was a Film Studies major in college, so I used to make short films (or really music videos) in college with my friends. It’s honestly something that I miss doing. After consuming so much BookTube content, I feel like it is something that I could realistically do. I have a nice camera, editing software, and am not camera shy.

In my mind, I think the idea of having an occasional video on my blog would be cool. For example, I really want to do a monthly Book Haul post. My book buying has gotten a little out of hand recently and I want to tell you all about my awesome finds. However, I personally think that watching a Book Haul is way more fun than reading about one.

Another thing I would love to do is create video diaries about my writing. I just think it would be a cool way to document my writing process. Also, I think it would be cool to do these in a time lapse sort of fashion, because I do some weird things when I write.

While all of these things sound like fun, I’m still very hesitant about doing it. I’m concerned that it will be just too much to handle. Right now I work a 9-5 job, take improv classes, blog, and am trying to write a novel. I just signed on to do this community theatre show, so adding a BookTube channel to the mix might be a terrible idea. I’m already doing so much and I don’t want BookTube to take away from that.

I’m also pretty afraid of putting myself out there. It’s scary okay! When I used to make videos, they were more for me. The idea of people watching me be ridiculous is nerve wracking. Also, I don’t know if I will add anything new to the BookTube community. I already struggle with coming up with content for my blog, so coming up with video ideas will be just as hard.

I don’t want to my blog to suffer either from making a BookTube channel. I said it before, but I’ll say it again, I love the blogging community. It’s a cool place and I feel like I get more book recommendations here than on BookTube. I want to keep improving my blog and making it better.

Basically, I’m just a confused person who wants to make videos, but isn’t sure if that’s necessarily a good idea or not.

I’m curious if anyone else in the book blogging community has thought about making a BookTube channel. Why did you or didn’t you? I’d love to hear your thoughts. For the moment I’m just sticking to blogging. I will let you know if that changes.

The Sunshine Blogger Tag (Take 2)

I was tagged by Lauren at My Paper Infinity. This is actually the second time I’m doing The Sunshine Blogger Tag/Award thing (here’s a link to my first). Lauren’s questions were so fun that I knew I had to do it again. Thank you so much for not only nominating me but also coming up with these cool questions. Let’s get into them!

The Rules

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and answer the 11 questions they’ve written for you.
  2. Nominate 11 people and give them 11 different questions to answer.

The Questions

1. Do you share your love for reading with anyone outside the blogging community (friends, family, teachers … ) ? If so, who?

Yes I do. I started a mini book club with two of my friends from high school, Will and Kim. This month’s pick is the The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George.

My mom and my grandma also love to read. Though I have to make sure I have read a book before recommending it to my grandma. She got mad that I didn’t finish a book I had recommended to her, because she finished it and wanted to talk about it with me. Lesson learned.

2. What do you like and dislike about the book blogging community?

I really like talking to people about the books I like to read. I have different reading interests then my friends, so it’s nice to talk to people who like the same kind of books that I do.

As for a dislike, I’m not too sure if I have one. I still consider myself a new book blogger as I’ve only been blogging for 4 months. So I’m still getting a handle on everything so currently I don’t have a specific dislike.

3. They say knowledge is power. What have you learned from reading?

I have learned a lot from reading. The two biggest things are how to write and getting a different perspective on a situation.

They say if you want to write a book, you should read a lot. I definitely think that is true. Reading has definitely helped me find my voice and style as a writer. Also seeing some of the more technical things in practice makes it easier to implement that in my own writing.

Another thing I’ve learned is new perspectives. A recent example of that is what I learned from The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. I am a white middle-class twenty something that lives in the New York area. Reading from Star’s perspective on the issues I hear all over the news from (mostly) white reporters, really gave me a new perspective on things. I’ve never had to worry about what would happen if a cop pulled me over. I’ve known there is still racism in the world and where I live, but I did realize how much it effects every day life. I’m so happy I read this book, because it is so important and eye opening.

4. What are your reading pet peeves?

I had to think about this one. One thing that comes to mind is an unsatisfying ending. This especially makes me angry when it’s the ending of a series, because you had me reading all of this for nothing!? Thankfully, it doesn’t happen often. But when it does, I’m not happy about it.

5. If you could swap identities with a fictional character for just one day, who would you pick and what would you do?

Okay so this is a non-bookish character, but I would totally want to switch places with Simon Pegg’s character, Benji, in the Mission Impossible series so that I could be a spy. I picked him because he’s sort of a nerdy spy, but still a spy and I’ve always wanted to be a spy. I’d do a good job in his role. It would be cool to do it for a day because I wouldn’t have to worry about my life being in danger all the time.

My second place runner up is Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character, Arthur, from Inception because I would love to be able to explore that world. I mean how cool would it be if you could actually go inside other people’s dreams?

6. You have the power to bring one fictional character to life in your own reality. Who do you pick?

This is such a tough one! I’m gonna go with Jem Carstairs from The Infernal Devices trilogy by Cassandra Clare. I feel like everyone who reads this series is obsessed with Will Herondale. Don’t get me wrong, I love Will, but Jem has stolen my heart. So I’d steal him out of the book and show him New York.

7. Is there a book you think everyone should read?

Um, The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas? I’ve already mentioned that though, so another book or really author I think everyone should read is Shakespeare. Many of his plays are constantly being reinterpreted and he has impacted language and art so much. My favorite that I’ve read is Hamlet but I also really love Twelfth Night. I’ve only seen Twelfth Night performed, otherwise it might beat Hamlet.

8. What’s your favourite quote?

If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on. — Sheryl Sandberg

Fun Fact: This is quote is my Twitter bio.

9. Which author would you want to have dinner with? What would you ask them?

For this one I’m going to go with a new favorite, Morgan Matson. I loved both Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour and The Unexpected Everything, and am on a quest to read all of her books. I would ask her all of the writing questions, because I am also a writer of long contemporaries and need advice. Also it is clear she is a fan of musicals and we can talk about our shared love for them.

10. What’s your favourite movie or TV show right now?

My favorite TV show at the moment might be Quantico. There’s so many epic ones. My all time favorite movie is Inception. I love me some Christopher Nolan.

11. Which food or drink would you love to try sometime? (in real life and the fictional world)

Okay, so there are these places that make crazy ass milkshakes. Just google “crazy milkshakes” if you have no idea what I’m talking about. One example is this restaurant called Black Tap in New York. They look like they will give me a cavity, but also look amazing. I can’t eat one of these all by myself, but I definitely am going to convince one of my friends to eat one with me.

As for a fictional thing I want to eat, I don’t know if I really have one. I’m a huge Food Network junky, and while technically this is “real life,” I would love to eat the food the chefs on the shows create. See how good it actually is.

As this is my second time being nominated for this I’m not going to be tagging anyone or coming up with questions. However, if you want to answer these go right ahead! Link both me and Lauren @ My Paper Infinity (she is the one who created them after all). Hope you enjoyed my answers and learning more about me as a person. 🙂